Avatar, Avatar, Make Me an Avatar

Avatar, avatar

Make me an av’

WeeWorld &  befunky

What do you have?

Avatar, avatar

Clip, dump, shop, crop

And make me a perfect mii

(with apologies to Fiddler on the Roof)

Avatar 3

Well, after hours of painful labor, I produced this smiling, relaxed avatar.   

 The bad news:  I am neither smiling nor relaxed. 

The good news:  I learned something.  Honestly, I’ve never “screen dumped” before in my life. 

The best news:  More experienced bloggers share their wisdom about creating avatars:

Here are two avatar-making sites I found to be user-friendly for low-tech people like me:


WeeWorld (csatta's Home Page) - WeeMee | Avatar | Friends | Blog | Games | Virtual World


Carol & Benji_Cartoonizer_1Carol & Benji_FeaturedEffects_5






What were the best things I learned from this  Teacher Challenge activity? 

  • Be sensitive to the classroom teachers when introducing new technology.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed and to just stop trying. 
  • Create a Gravatar (“A Globally Recognized Avatar”) so that your avatar shows up wherever you post on the Web.

10 thoughts on “Avatar, Avatar, Make Me an Avatar

  1. Thanks for mentioning my post. I have to confess, I wimped out by updating my old avatar. I did find the picasso head easy, too. I still want to experiment with some of the other sites, like the befunky one you show. That’s cool.
    I think the Gravatar and the screen dumping were the most useful things I learned from this challenge. I had been wondering how I could get screen shots to incorporate into directions.

    • Hi Kay,

      I will come back around and get more comfortable with creating avatars in the future so that I can help my students do so. That’s one reason I put the links to what I found to be the most useful posts right here in my post so I could find them when I had the energy to revisit this topic.

      I’m concerned about great posts like these going away in the future (like if someone retires and their blog retires with them).

      Do you know of a good way to save and store the content of excellent posts somewhere for future reference (google reader, maybe?) or do we just print out hard copies to be safe?

      • G’day Carol,
        There is a website called the Wayback Machine that archived all webpages since 1996. The only thing is youneed to know the URL of the website you want to search for.

        Also thanks for including the link to the student blogging challenge. The next one will start in March this year and registration pages will be up early in February.

        • Hi Miss W.,

          Thanks for the link to the Way Back Machine. I’ve created a page in my private wiki where I’ve stored that link and started a list of the URL’s by topic that I want to be able to find in the future.

          The student blogging challenge looks interesting. My mentor suggested that since mine is a library blog, I might begin some class sub blogs. Have any suggestions for me?

  2. I think you are terrific to have had a go at so many avatar building sites. At least you understand all the processes now. Normally, we would only have a go at one avatar building site. As to teachers who are new to this, we do need to be fully aware that we must take little steps with them, to prevent the overwhelming element. Hope you have recovered and are now feeling very proud of your accomplishments.
    Do you feel confident getting your students to have a go at them?

    • Hi Anne,

      Sorry to have sounded like such a cry baby. Just thought a little honesty might encourage others who struggled with this challenge, too. I guess I’m one of those “intermediate” bloggers someone else mentioned earlier.

      Nonetheless, I am proud of my effort. Just read a book entitled “Do Hard Things” by Alex and Brett Harris where the authors remind us that “all effort–even failed effort–produces growth.”

      When I’m ready to put together a lesson on creating avatars, I’ll come back to this post and revisit these web sites.

      Loving the Teacher Challenge (despite my complaining)!

  3. Thanks for the comment and the link. In your post, you pointed out two critical items. First, we are learning something. Yea! I love the opportunity to try new things and learn along the way, so this blogging challenge has been valuable. Second, even we (presumably more willing to dive into tech stuff) are sometimes struggling with these challenges. So we really do have to remember to go slow and be gentle as we pass along tech stuff to the teachers in our programs.

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  5. I think you did a fun exploration of the avatars. I LOVE the take-off on Fiddler too! Many of these skills just take a little while to get used to. I didn’t know how to do a screen dump until 2 years ago, and even then it took a while before I figured out how useful it could be.

    Now I have to go try weeworld!

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